Revolutionize the Logistics World

Easy to use, next generation scanning technology that simplifies the entire logistics and supply chain process, making it smarter & more efficient by connecting offline contents with the online world.

Time to raise the bar…

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Download the Zimark App and scan the marker:

How Does It Work

Add a small marker to the asset you are tracking

Download the ZIMARK App and you’re ready to begin

Scan with a smartphone, stationary camera or drone

The information is processed immediately

ZIMARK is a Powerful Tool
with Exceptional Capabilities


Multi-item scan

Simultaneously scan as many markers as can fit in the camera frame at one time



Any Distance

Scan our markers from virtually any distance.
If you can see it – you can scan it

Smaller Size

15X smaller than QR code or Barcode today!


Instant scanning

Faster than any other available technology today!


Personalized data

Data is collected from every scan creating a data repository of users, locations and behaviors that can be analyzed and acted on to create efficiencies, processes optimization and more.



ANY MEDIA – Supports any digital or printed platform. Easy to print and to add on assets; as well as stationary or mobile cameras & drones.
FLEXIBLE DESIGN – The marker can be easily branded with any design style or shape.
UNIVERSAL SCAN – Scan barcodes, QRs and Markers.



Fast, smooth and easy – just a quick point of the phone in the general direction and you’ve got it.

The Application of the Technology
is Diverse and Flexible

Easy tracking of Important Assets

Simple interface between information and your supply chain's operational systems.

Distant Tracking of Vehicles

Use CCTV or drones in big lots, for
easy tracking and managing your fleet’s full lifecycle, for improved daily operations, thanks to easy analysis of fleet’s data.

Map your inventory

Find a specific item
quickly & accurately;
Keep up-to-date
information on inventories.

Your Benefits

Boost Your Bottom Line

One scan - many markers!
For some serious cost savings all you need is the ZIMARK Marker & App and you’re good to go!

Improve Your Work Processes

ZIMARK style efficiency means more automation and less errors. More real-time process and inventory transparency and better decision making and as a result, better customer-service.

End-to-End Analytics

ZIMARK provides you a powerful low-cost tool for analyzing the scanned data and accurately identifying areas for optimization. ZIMARK offers you an information gold mine!

About us

Simpler is better and ZIMARK’s goal is to make everything simpler. That’s why we are fascinated by the logistics world. Thanks to our revolutionary, innovative game-changing approach to logistics and our superior patented scanning technology, ZIMARK can confidently make the entire logistics and supply chain process smarter & so much more efficient. But technology is only one part of the story and with our exceptionally proactive and customer centric approach to customer service & solutions, your logistics routine will transform into something you’ve never experienced before.

ZIMARK – the fruitful union of two inspiring brands: ZIM, the innovative leading NYSE listed ocean carrier, which is known worldwide for its uncompromising maritime shipping and logistics solutions and SODYO, the ground-breaking ‘start-up nation’ high-tech company with its next generation interactive scanning technology. This joint venture is delivering the best of both worlds to the fields of logistics and supply chain. We believe that with our positive, can-do approach anything is possible and the opportunities are indeed endless.

Want to see how your business can raise the bar with ZIMARK?
Contact us now & together we’ll change your logistics reality!

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